Leather Shag Rug

Leather Shag Rug

There are times when you want to add something very specific to your living room, and you aren’t exactly sure what that thing is. I recommend that you consider a leather shag rug for your floor in order to really pull the room together and to complement your existing decor. Many people have not even heard of a leather shag rug before, but they are some of the most comfortable rugs that are in existence. Regardless of whether they are deep pile or if the nap is rather small, they’re an adorable item that can really provide you with something unique in your home.

One of the unusual reasons why you may enjoy having a leather shag rug in your room is if you enjoy the smell of leather, itself. Many people enjoy decorating with natural leather for this very reason, and it certainly is something that can add some style to any area of the home. If you choose a leather shag rug that is made from natural leather fibers, it is going to throw off the scent of leather that will last in your home for many years.

You might also be surprised to learn that a leather shag rug is going to fit in almost any decor that you have. Leather is a classic, similar to blue jeans. Regardless of what it is that you have done your room, adding leather to it can only complement it and benefit the overall look. Of course, you will have many different options when it comes to choosing the leather shag rug that you are going to use, but there is sure to be a color and shape of leather which fits in excellently with what you already done in the room.

You may have a difficult time finding a leather shag rug in your local area, but the Internet really has many of them that are available. The general price range that you’re going to spend on a leather shag rug can vary widely, but you should expect to spend at least $200 in order to get one that is quality. Of course, you are not going to be able to purchase a larger leather shag rug which will cover the majority of the floor in your room, but you can purchase a smaller sized rug that can easily go underneath the coffee table, or at the foot of the couch.

You might also want to consider getting something that is even more unique than a leather shag rug. There are many carpets out there which are a combination of a variety of different materials, such as combining the leather with ostrich skin, just as an example. These tend to be a little bit more expensive, and you can expect to spend $1000 or more for a simple runner or a smaller leather shag rug. Regardless, it is going to be something that is not only a conversation piece, it is going to provide you with comfort and a little bit of style.