Green Duvet Covers

Green Duvet Covers

Green Duvet Cover: A duvet is simply the European word for what is more commonly known in North America as a comforter. Duvets are very popular in Europe and are catching on in the rest of the world. For example, in Australia a duvet is called a doona.

So what is a duvet cover or doona? It is a large single piece of sewn fabric filled with down, wool or synthetic fibers that is placed on top of a fitted sheet, in addition to or in place of a second sheet and other bedding.

A duvet cover is a large sort of pillowcase that is used to encase the duvet and protect it from getting dirty or damaged. The majority of people use duvet covers as they are much easier to launder than the actual duvet itself which is rather a time consuming, expensive process.

In addition to protecting the comforter, duvet covers can be very beautiful, bright and stylish, giving your bedroom a unique theme and vibrance.While there is a whole universe of different designs, patterns and colors of duvet covers, one of the more popular styles of bedding in recent years is the green duvet cover.

Green is a wonderfully cooling and calming color and is the color of nature. So a green duvet cover is the perfect color to have in your bedroom, which is your place of rest and relaxation. Your own private sanctuary.

A green duvet cover (like all comforter covers and duvet sets) will usually have one end that has a zipper or buttons that can seal the duvet cover around the duvet. While a well fitted comforter inside a duvet cover will tend to stay flat, you can also by some comforter clips the hold the comforter in place. This will eliminate the bunching that can occur throughout the night, especially among restless sleepers.

Green duvet covers come in a wide variety of styles and patterns. From a material point of view, breathable natural fibers such as cotton (including 100% Egyptian cotton or Pima cotton) are perfect for warmer temperatures. While microfiber and even silk are excellent for keeping warm in winter, as they help to keep the warmth contained.

From a design point of view, you can get green duvet covers that have floral designs, or trees and leaves (bamboo is a popular design). You can also get bright and deep solid shades of green, as well as green stripes. You’ll notice that green duvet covers made from bamboo or Egyptian cotton tend to have more striking colors. This is due to the fact that these natural fibers are highly absorbent which makes them particularly suitable to dyeing.

There is every style of green duvet cover imaginable and you won’t have any difficulty finding ones that you really like. The hard part will be deciding on which one to take home. Perhaps you can get a couple so that you can enjoy a nice change by alternating them whenever you feel the desire.