Turkish Bath Towels

Turkish Bath Towels

To many people, Turkish bath towels represent the best in Old World luxury. The tradition of towel-making in Turkey has been handed down and refined over hundreds of years. In the end, the name has come to mean more than just a place where towels are created. Turkish bath towels are a particular fabric and design.

One controversy is whether Turkish bath towels can be made of cotton terrycloth. Turkish towels are made of cotton, certainly, often of Egyptian cotton. However, the material is not woven like terrycloth. It has a particular loop design so that it is fuller in the middle of the towel. The result is a thick, luxurious towel.

The standard weight of the fabric of Turkish bath towels is 14 ounces per square yard. This gives the towels more substance and makes them denser than cheaper towels. Because more cotton is used for this denser material, Turkish bath towels are usually more expensive than ordinary terry towels.

The most common size for Turkish bath towels is thirty-five by forty-three inches. Some are more rectangular, at thirty by fifty-eight inches. You can even find Turkish bath sheets at forty by seventy inches.

Some people believe that to be a true Turkish bath towel, the color must be white. This is the traditional color. Besides, there are several reasons why white is a great color for towels. White towels can be bleached without damage, and they will not fade. Also, white towels can be used in virtually any color scheme when you are decorating. If you prefer colorful Turkish bath towels, you can find them; they are available from many outlets.

Turkish bath towels will take up a large space in your linen cabinet. If you have limited space, that might be an important consideration for you. However, if you have your heart set on getting Turkish bath towels, you can always get creative and find room for their luxurious folds.

As far as laundering, Turkish bath towels are easy to wash. They come very clean if pretreated and washed in a good detergent, and with bleach when necessary. If you have colored towels, make sure the bleach is color safe. Turkish bath towels do not dry as fast as microfiber towels, but they dry much faster than bamboo fabric towels. They come out of the dryer soft and fluffy.

Turkish bath towels are the towels of choice in many spas. They present such a refined and elegant atmosphere that people feel pampered just using the towels. They present a tasteful and classy image for the spa so that visitors like to pass along the word about their experiences there.

If you want to give your guests the chance to have a luxurious bathing experience at your home, Turkish bath towels are a good choice. Knowing what to look for is the first step. Then, as long as you get good quality, real Turkish bath towels, you cannot go wrong. Tradition, practicality, comfort, and elegance make these towels among the best around.