Monogrammed Bath Towels

Monogrammed Bath Towels

Monogrammed bath towels are often given as a wedding or anniversary present. What most people do not think of is getting these special towels for themselves. They are an elegant way to personalize a bathroom, yet most are reasonable in price.

The monogrammed bath towels that are made today are personalized in any of several different ways. Sometimes, the initials are woven right into the cloth. Because this requires custom manufacturing of the towel itself, these kinds of monogrammed bath towels are often more expensive.

More commonly, initials are embroidered onto the monogrammed bath towels. A few companies offer hand embroidered towels, but most monograms are embroidered by machine. Either way, when your monogrammed bath towels arrive, it is important to inspect the embroidery to make sure it is securely stitched and there are not any loose threads or runs.

Occasionally, you can find monogrammed bath towels with the letters printed (not sewn) onto the towels. If you choose this type of monogramming, make sure the dye used to print the towels is colorfast and color true. These monogrammed bath towels give a bathroom a special, homey look and feel as they are personalized just for you and your partner.

The style of letters is another consideration. Just as you choose the font on your computer writing, you will be able to choose monogrammed bath towels with different styles of monograms. Some are graceful, calligraphy style monograms, while others are done in square blocky letters. The best way to choose is to look at the overall décor of your bathroom. For example, if you’ve gone for a more classic look, then a cursive font on your bath towels will go nicely.

You will also have to choose what letters to put on your monogrammed bath towels. The assortments available tend to differ between manufacturers. One way is a single letter, usually the initial of the last name of the couple or family. Another popular choice is the two-letter monogram with the first initial of the bride and the first initial of the groom. A third type of monogrammed bath towels have a large letter in the middle that is the last initial of the couple, with the individual first initials, smaller, on either side of it.

When the towels arrive, make sure that there is no puckering in the towel fabric around any embroidered monograms. Well made monogrammed bath towels will be smooth with only gently raised letter lines for the initials.

If your monograms are done in embroidery, make sure the thread used is the advertised color. When you order monogrammed bath towels that are supposed to have cream colored satin stitch initials, be sure that you have not been sent ones with stitching of a nondescript brown color, for instance. Ensure that both the towel material and the monogram thread is exactly the same as what you have ordered, otherwise consider returning the towels to the supplier / merchant.

High quality monogrammed bath towels are gifts that can be used by any couple. Just a single pair of them is enough to give a bathroom a whole new ‘personalized’ look. While you are buying these presents for others, you might also to order a couple of monogrammed bath towels for your own bathroom. Plus, a larger order may entitle you to a discount of the regular price.