Kids Bath Towels

Kids Bath Towels

Kids Bath Towels: The best way to protect your kids is to make sure that everything they use or what ever inhabits their surroundings and environment, is safe and free of toxins. One way to protect them is ensure their washcloths and towels are pesticide and fertilizer free. Many conscientious consumers are switching to organic cotton products or alternative fabric such as hemp or bamboo. Since towels and clothing are made and imported from around the world, it is very important to read the labels before buying kids bath towels, because not all organic cotton, for instance, is truly organic.

Cotton production uses more pesticides and fertilizers than any other crop and these toxins have been found in the fabric. Some of these toxins are banned for use in the United States simply because they linger on throughout production. So it is not unusual to find kids bath towels that test positive for formaldehyde, for instance.

Even if the label doesn’t tell you what you need to know, there are other ways to protect the little ones. Allow them to only use colorless, unbleached towels in the bathroom. Change their towels regularly, like once a week. This will prevent bacteria, mildew and odor buildup as well. Switching to eco friendly bamboo kids bath towels is also an affordable option. These towels are usually made of 65% bamboo fabric and 35% Egyptian cotton. Both Dermatologists and Doctors recommend them for people with sensitive skin as well as those who suffer from allergies.

Like towels for grown-ups, kids bath towels come in all sizes and colors to match every décor, so consumer options are limitless. Protecting the young ones will pay dividends for the other members of the family as well, since adults have the same skin sensitivities and allergies that affect babies and older children. Reactions are seen quickest in children because of their underdeveloped immune systems. An adult immune system is better at fending off deadly toxins that get on the skin.

So teach your children to allow their bath towels to dry fully between uses and to get a clean one from the linen closet every week. Instruct them to tell you if they begin to itch or see redness on their skin after using their towels. Kids bath towels come in an array of colors and designs with many kids preferring animal kid-friendly styles resembling their favorite zoo animals.