Black Bath Towels

Black Bath Towels

Black Bath Towels Review: Probably the most interesting fact about black bath towels is that they are usually dyed blue before they become black. Sometimes the underlying colors used are red oxide of iron and tannin in some combination of the two. This allows that lovely deep black color that consumers love, to stand up  to air, light and repeated washings. Logwood, which is a wood fiber found in tree bark,  is also added to the mixture in order to bring out the luster, adding to the fullness of the black color on fabric.

Most cloth, be it cotton or bamboo or silk or linen or wool are dyed blue or a less expensive shade of brown in order to make the color right. These multi treatments contribute to the costs of buying black bath towels, bath sheets and wash cloths for consumers. Because no one wants to take a shower or bath and have the color bleed off onto their skin when drying off, or have the color wash down the drain in the laundry. So manufacturers take great pains to make it color fast as well as color safe.

Many consumers, concerned about the overuse of pesticides and fertilizers are turning to more eco friendly cloths to guard against the hazards posed by having these toxins come in contact with their skin, and that is danger exists before the cloth is dyed.  World wide cotton producers use more pesticides on their fields than any other crop. Some of these pesticides cause cancer in small children and are often found in human breast milk of the women who live in villages near the cotton fields in Africa. Many of the pesticides are banned for use in America. However, no testing is done to ensure that no residue remains in the cloth.

Black bath towels rarely pose a health hazard. However there is still some potential for danger in the market place. A test done by the Consumer Foundation on towels purchased as wholesale stores, supermarkets and grocery stores showed that 66% of such towels were likely to cause skin problems and 53% contained formaldehyde. The really bad news is that some of the tested towels that were the worst offenders were sold under famous and familiar brand names.

The good news is there are ways to safe guard yourself and your family. First, launder your towels before you use them. If your black bath towel comes out the laundry gray with the first wash, you have a problem. Take them back to the store immediately and buy some other brand.  Some environmentalists recommend using your bath towel more than one, because it saves on water and electricity, and you don’t buy as much laundry detergent. Just make sure that you allow your towels to dry out and air out to cut down on the possibility of mildew, bacteria and odor development.

Many consumers, seeking to cut down on their carbon footprint are switching from cotton towels to bamboo towels. Just like cotton, bamboo cloth comes in all colors, including black, so if you want to match the black in your décor, you can do so by buying black bath towels made of bamboo cloth.