Bamboo Bath Towels

Bamboo Bath Towels

Bamboo Bath Towels: Reducing our carbon footprint has become a rallying cry for ecologists attempting  to prevent further damage to the earth. People are actively looking for ways to go green in little steps at a time, rather than wrecking the budget, tearing down and rebuilding  their life, all in one fell swoop. Going green in little steps can be as simple as changing your bath towels. The next time you need to buy new towels, how about replacing the old ones with eco friendly bamboo bath towels.

Now most people in the west are not familiar with bamboo cloth. We tend to think of the plant in its natural form. However, in the East and Asia, the plant has long been used in cloth form, to make clothing, bedding, rugs and, yes, towels. It is a naturally organic material, grown without pesticides or fertilizers. This is in contrast to cotton which uses 25% of all the world’s pesticides. Bamboo is a grass and grows very, very quickly. In fact, some bamboo grass grows as fast as a meter a day. Another thing about bamboo is that it absorbs carbon dioxide from the air around us, better than an forest of trees.

Bamboo bath towels absorb up to 60% more water than a similar sized cotton towel, according to the experts. It is a porous fiber that makes it very breathable and soft on the skin. It is also said to be more hypoallergenic, and thermo regulating, meaning it will keep you warmer in cool weather.  Bamboo towels are the best kind of towel for super sensitive skin.  Using bamboo instead of cotton becomes very important for people with allergies and sensitivities because of the very toxic and deadly nature of the pesticides used on cotton, aldicarb, which is a nerve agent applied to all global cotton production.

Edosulfan is another toxin used on cotton in many countries.  Monocrotophos is banned in the United States but is widely used in developing cotton producing countries. This toxin is known to cause paralysis in young children. Yet another widely used toxin has been found in human breast milk in Africa where the pesticide is used on the crops. Switching to so called organic cotton fabric won’t save you either, because all organic cotton farmers also use pesticides on their crop.

These towels are also very affordable. The cost ranges about the same as the good  but not as eco friendly all cotton towels that you’ve been buying all these years. Most bamboo bath towels sold are actually a combination of bamboo cloth and Egyptian cotton. The ratio is usually 65% bamboo and 35% Egyptian cotton.  Another good factor about these towels is that they are naturally antibacterial and inhibits the growth of mildew and odors. Mothers will be happy to know that bamboo bath towels and wash clothes stand up in the wash, resisting pilling and don’t lose their color after repeated washing. And don’t think you’re limited in color selection and size. Bamboo bath towels come in all shapes, sizes and colors to match your décor.