Baby Bath Towels

Baby Bath Towels

Baby bath towels are small towels made especially for infants and small children. Some of the larger ones can still be used when the child is four years old or older. This makes the baby bath towels an exceptional gift for new babies as well as toddlers.

The most popular types of baby bath towels are the hooded towels. Mothers and fathers like to wrap up their babies in warm, soft towels that are sized just right. The babies become accustomed to the feel of their special baby bath towels and seem happier when they are dried with their usual towel.

The hoods of baby bath towels are often adorned with animal, princess, or cartoon character heads. These become favorites as long as the child uses them. Since there is the potential of using them for so long, it is a good idea to make sure that the towels you buy are good quality towels.

One thing to look for is the material. Baby bath towels are made from the same types of toweling as adult sized towels. Cotton, bamboo, poly terry blends, and microfiber are the most popular. A new choice gaining popularity is the organic baby bath towels. These towels are made from organic cotton. Furthermore, they are usually unbleached. This makes them thicker and fluffier. They seem to absorb water better than towels that are made from bleached fabric.

Stitching is important as well. Because of the hoods and decorations on baby bath towels, there is more stitching on the towels than on most larger-sized towels. It is a good idea to look over all the stitching as much as possible before buying and then inspect it more carefully after taking it out of the package. If the threads are loose, you can then sew it up yourself or return them. On that note make sure you check the return policy before you buy your baby bath towels.

In fact, it is important to make sure that all the detailing on the baby bath towels is well sewn and intact when you get it. Embroidered designs, appliqu├ęd animal or character pictures, and sewn on hoods all need to be tightly and evenly stitched. These little design extras make the baby bath towels special, but like all good towels, they need to be well made if they going to last.

Most towels come in standard sets of 2 or 4 of the same towel, however baby bath towels tend to come in mixed sets. A typical set might include one standard (small towel), one hooded towel and also two or three baby washcloths. There might also be unique items like finger puppets, rubber duckies, booties, or wash mitts, which make bath time fun for the little ones and parents alike.

By choosing to buy quality baby bath towels (organic cotton is best), you can give a child the gift of warmth and nurturing, every single time they have a bath. Since these towels can be used for many years, you will also be giving them pleasant memories that can last a lifetime. This is one of the most important reasons to give baby bath towels at a baby shower or as a baby birthday gift.