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Baby Bath Towels

Baby bath towels are small towels made especially for infants and small children. Some of the larger ones can still be used when the child is four years old or older. This makes the baby bath towels an exceptional gift for new babies as well as toddlers.
The most popular types of baby bath towels [...]

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Turkish Bath Towels

To many people, Turkish bath towels represent the best in Old World luxury. The tradition of towel-making in Turkey has been handed down and refined over hundreds of years. In the end, the name has come to mean more than just a place where towels are created. Turkish bath towels are a particular fabric and [...]

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Microfiber Bath Towels

Microfiber bath towels are relatively new on the market, with the first modern microfiber coming around in the 1990’s. These towels have only been available from US sources for a few short years. Before buying microfiber bath towels, it is helpful to understand what they are.
The microfiber in microfiber bath towels refers to the [...]
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Monogrammed Bath Towels

Monogrammed bath towels are often given as a wedding or anniversary present. What most people do not think of is getting these special towels for themselves. They are an elegant way to personalize a bathroom, yet most are reasonable in price.
The monogrammed bath towels that are made today are personalized in any of several [...]

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Large Bath Towels

There is nothing like stepping out of a refreshing shower or hot bath and wrapping up in a soft and fluffy bath towel, especially if it smells good. Today, like everything else, including our behinds, bath towels are getting bigger and bigger. Bath towels have evolved into the large bath towels or bath sheets, as [...]

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Striped Bath Towels

From an historical standpoint, the towel as we know it today, was invented in the city of Bursa, Turkey. Turkish towels are still considered to be the finest towels available and are talked about as being the Rolls Royce of towels. They are used for a number of things in addition to drying [...]

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Kids Bath Towels

Kids Bath Towels: The best way to protect your kids is to make sure that everything they use or what ever inhabits their surroundings and environment, is safe and free of toxins. One way to protect them is ensure their washcloths and towels are pesticide and fertilizer free. Many conscientious consumers are switching to organic [...]

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Bamboo Bath Towels

Bamboo Bath Towels: Reducing our carbon footprint has become a rallying cry for ecologists attempting  to prevent further damage to the earth. People are actively looking for ways to go green in little steps at a time, rather than wrecking the budget, tearing down and rebuilding  their life, all in one fell swoop. Going green [...]

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Black Bath Towels

Black Bath Towels Review: Probably the most interesting fact about black bath towels is that they are usually dyed blue before they become black. Sometimes the underlying colors used are red oxide of iron and tannin in some combination of the two. This allows that lovely deep black color that consumers love, to stand up  [...]

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